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Interco Super Swamper M-16
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Customer Testimonial I would just like to say Thank You for professional service you provided for me. I have been using Super Swamper tires for the past 20 yrs and have never encountered a problem. Thank you again for your help and supplying the best off road tires, RS

NEW BOGGER SIZES NOW IN STOCK 35X12.50-15(B-150), 35X12.50-16(B-151), 35X12.50-17(B-147), 35X12.50-20(B-148), 35X12.50-22(B-149), 42.5X13.50-20(B-144) & 42.5X13.50-22(B-145)

New Sticky Sizes 43X14.50-20 SX Interco Number (SX/RC-20) 42.5X13.50-17 BOGGER Interco Number (B/RC-17) 37x14.00-17 IROK Interco Number (IK/RC-37)

IROK TESTIMONY Grade A customer service. Regardless which tire I end up with it will be an Interco!!!! Refreshing to talk to someone like yourself. Again, thanks!!!!! C.H. IN

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